A Guide to the Birds of East Africa

Reserved, Honourable Mr Malik You Wouldn T Notice Him In A Nairobi Street Except, Perhaps, To Comment On His Carefully Sculpted Comb Over But Beneath His Unprepossessing Exterior Lie A Warm Heart And A Secret Passion Not Even His Friends At The Asadi Club Know It, But Mr Malik Is Head Over Heels In Love With The Leader Of The Tuesday Morning Bird Walk Of The East African Ornithological Society, Rose Mbikwa While Mr Malik Hesitantly Plans How He Will Ask Rose To The Annual Hunt Ball, Flashy Harry Kahn Arrives In Town And Makes It Clear That He Too Has Rose In His Sights When Mr Malik Blurts Out His Feelings At The Club A Wager Is Set Whoever Sees The Most Birds In A Week Will Ask Rose To The Ball With Boats, Planes And Guides To Get Him To The Choicest Birdwatching Spots In Kenya, Harry Kahn S Soon Noting Down Everything From Pearl Breasted Swallows To Spur Winged Plovers But Mr Malik S Not So Easily Beaten, And With Unorthodox Methods And Far Flung Adventures Of His Own, He S Determined To Stay In The Game.Playing Time 6 Hours 35 MinutesA Guide to the Birds of East Africa

Nicholas Drayson has written extensively about wildlife and natural history and is the author of the novels Confessing a Murder, which was hailed by Booklist for its view of Darwin never before seen , Love and the Platypus and A Guide to the Beasts of East Africa An Englishman by birth, Drayson has worked as a journalist in the UK, Kenya and Australia, writing for publications such as the Daily

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    Rating 4 of fiveTODAY 5 12 18 THIS DELIGHTFUL BOOK IS ONLY 1.99 ON EREADER PLATFORMS INCLUDING KINDLEThe Publisher Says For the past three years, Mr Malik has been secretly in love with Rose Mbikwa, a woman who leads the weekly bird walks sponsored by the East African Ornithological Society Just as Malik is getting up the nerve to invite Rose to the Nairobi Hunt Club Ball the premier social occasion of the Kenyan calendar , Harry Khan, a nemesis from his school days, arrives in town Khan has also become enraptured with Rose and announces his intent to invite her to the Ball Rather than force Rose to choose between the two men, a clever solution is proposed Whoever can identify the most species of birds in one week s time gets the privilege of asking Ms Mbikwa to the ball.Drayson s charming descriptions of the Kenyan wildlife and his sharp take on the foibles and follies of the people and politics sketch a rich picture of contemporary life in Nairobi Fans of Alexander McCall Smith will delight in this transporting and witty novel.My Review Actuarially, I am past middle age In fact, than 90% of the world s population is younger than I am And that shows in the things I care about, read, and buy Advertisers, take note Old folks in America are ...

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    I loved this book The main protagonist, Mr Malik is simply adorable He is a man of unusual integrity living in a city filled with corruption He is an older man in love with a woman who has no idea of the secrets that lie behind an unassuming facade The story unfolds over the course of a few weeks and the reader, chapter by chapter, becomes privy t...

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    WOWEE I had never expected I would love his book I half expected I wouldn t even like it very much But instead it was a tour de force, with all the elements of a great story unrequited love, a protagonist who s brave and sweet hearted and true behind his shyness, an appropriately dastardly villain whom you just want to smack in the face, a race to the finish line, and a good subplot to move things along Seriously, I was floored FLOORED And n...

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    NO SPOILERS In conclusion The ending is cute, but with this final note I haven t given anything away It is how you get from A to Z that is important A perfect comfort read, if that is what you are looking for Please see below for detailed information AFTER 80% What I like about GR is that we help each other find books that will fit our own interests No matter how much effort I put into studying a book before I choose it, each book is always a bit of a surprise This one too Please look at the shelves I have put this on fauna, humorous, kenya and relationships Yes, those are the central themes You do learn a bit about Kenyan life and history, but what is given is minimal Much is related to expat life in Kenya, and quite honestly this isn t my highest interests, but there are native Kenyans too and Iheir presence in the book is a saving point for me It is humorous and a light, quick read It helps if you are interested in learning about birds Does the following bore you or interest you Kenyan crested guineafowl are shy and wary birds They stick ...

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    Favorite quote There is a distressing but not uncommon condition of presidents and other world leaders known as Worrying about Africa It is usually picked up overseas as at summit meeting on world poverty or disease, and symptoms include painful twinges of guilt over the discrepancy between First and Third World wealth, uncomfortable feelings somewhere below the stomach that perhaps unfettered capitalism is not the benevolent force for good we are constantly assured i...

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    An absolutely delightful about a man in love, the honorable, sweet, stubborn Mr Malik of Nairobi It will appeal to Alexander McCall Smith fans, but definitely stands on its own and will beguile any reader who appreciates sharp wit and gentle charm.

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    Years ago I struggled to find books my mother would like They needed to be devoid of anything that smacked of worldly immorality just about anything I was reading in the 70s and 80s Simply put, she was narrow I was broad She appreciated good writing But somehow this made it even harder I wish I had discovered this then Not only is the book squeaky clean, there s a clean feeling to his storytelling It s like laundry flapping behind your neighbor as she tells you the latest news around town Mr Malik asked his taxi driver to wait in the car park He wasn t planning to go far just find a bench, sit down and think He pushed open the green gate, turned left at the big sequoia and headed towards a grove of lemon scented gums And blow me down if he didn t see, on the path right in front of him, a hoopoe The synopsis Two old childhood adversaries, wishing to ask the same woman to an annual ball, agree to a one week bird sighting contest I expected information on birds and less on the country of Kenya So my disappointment was balanced out with pleasant surprise I also was surprised by and appreciated that Mr Malik and Mr Kahn were brown of East Indian descent The book dwelt in the well off ex pat culture and presented a conflicting picture of contemporary Kenyans crime ridden, ineffectual government, the possibility of a good schools But what will hang with me will be c...

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    I love the little pen ink drawings of birds, with their names shown, that are at the start of every chapter The chapters are extremely short, and this should have been an incredibly quick read, but for some reason it took me some time to slog through, even though I enjoyed it, and as the story went on, it grew on me and , though I wasn t perturbed when I had to put it down.It s a gentle and slow little story, and I could have done without the fact that the ball in question is at the hunt club it starts off quiet and simple and innocent but quietly yet surely gets slightly complicated, though it never loses its gentleness There definitely ended up being some layers, some darkness in what seemed to be at first a simple lighthearted story, but overall it remained sweet.I m not sure about this narrator Those who ...

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    Jeannette told me it s funny and heartwarming a love story about birds and Kenya and she was right A Guide to the Birds of East Africa seems at first a charming but slight book, even a silly one.The plot has speedy twists and turns than a black mamba but it s much friendlier I loved the protagonist, Mr Malik a truly good and gentle man and all the supporting cast were wonderfully alive and drawn with affectionate humor I grew particularly fond of the lawyer who loved to drop Latin legal phrases into every conversation Every time I found myself thinking Oh, come now at one preposterous plot twist, I would turn the page and find myself smiling and than once laughing out loud.In between laughs I learned quite a lot about Kenyan politics, its unchecked crime, stubbornly persistent poverty, and the varied ethnic groups that call this land home At the center of the story is a community of Indians, the descendants of men who were brought to East Africa to build the railway, came to love the land, and stayed to prosper Many send their children to Britain to be educated and have adopted British mannerisms, including...

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    It took me forever to finally pluck this one down from the shelf but what a delight it was, plus lots and lots of bird chatter, mixed in with romance and humor An ideal palate cleanser.

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