Last-Minute Love (Year of the Chick, #2)

What S A Girl To Do When She Meets The Internet Man Of Her Dreams, He S Better Than She Expected, But He Lives An Ocean Away And Let S Not Forget Her Parents,who Are Trying To Lock Her Up In Arranged Marriage DoomIn This Fast Paced Story Of Culture Clash And Romantic Pursuits, There S A Big Fat Indian Wedding, The Struggle To Keep A Long Distance Flame Alive, And An Unexpected Mystery Man Who Could Set A New Course In Motion.All The While, Our Heroine Abandons What Was Once An All Consuming Man Search, Which Helps Her Remember The Person She Used To Be, And The Person She Hopes To Become The History Loving Nerd, The Hopeless Romantic, And The Emerging Author With Dreams Of Ditching The Corporate Rat Race.This Is The Book Of Living In The Moment, Making The Grand Gesture, And Putting It All On The Line This Is When Romi Narindra Comes Alive Last Minute Love Is Book Two In The Fictional Year Of The Chick Series It Follows Closely From Book One, But Contains Enough Detail To Be Read As A Stand Alone.LENGTH 74,000 Or Approximately 280 PagesDISCLAIMER This Book Contains Occasional F Bombs And Mild Sexual References Hide Your DaughtersLast-Minute Love (Year of the Chick, #2)

I am Canadian, and here are some strange personal facts I wore denim top to bottom in high school there is a direct inverse relationship between how much denim I wore and how few tongues were launched down my throat at school dancesor anywhere in high school at all A homeless lady in New York once told me You re just a bitch on vacation with no money I always hated those insufferable cou

➪ Last-Minute Love (Year of the Chick, #2)  Read ➲ Author Romi Moondi –
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  • Last-Minute Love (Year of the Chick, #2)
  • Romi Moondi
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  • 15 April 2017

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    In this sequel to Year of the Chick, almost 30 year old Romi has moved beyond her obsession with meeting a man on her own in order to avoid the traditional set up by her Canadian Indian parents to focusing on publishing the novel to go along with her blog Things are going fine until her no man weekend in NYC brings her face to face with a man who just might be her soulmate I really enjoyed the second installment in this series and agree that the author s writing improved which, as an author myself, is something to which most writers aspire I found Romi much likeable this time around and continued to appreciate the humorous banter between her and the other characters, especially Laura and Erik Additionally, the family relationships felt a bit warmer to me without losing the consistency with the first novel I absolutely felt the chemistry with Erik and spent a majority of the book swooning over him I didn...

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    Exciting and entertainingThis continuation of book one keeps me rooting for Romo as time pass on and she is looking for love Great adventures life ahead Can t wait to read book three.

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    In Year of the Chick we met sassy Indian Canadian Romi Narindra, a twenty seven year old non traditionalist who embarked on a twelve month man quest, and had been given a reprieve from being set up with a dreaded arranged marriage by her strict Indian traditionalist parents When the story ended, Romi had met up with her internet love interest, English screenwriter James Caldwell in a whirlwind trip to New York City.Now in Last Minute Love, the second book in the Year of the Chick series, Romi has just turned twenty nine, is still hell bent on not being set up with an arranged marriage by her parents, and has put her quest for finding love on hold in order to concentrate on following her dream to become a writer With her parents concentrating on her sister Neema s upcoming wedding, Romi is unwillingly recruited to help in the wedding plans while Neema unleashes her inner Bridezilla A quick escape trip from wedding plan hell to New York City with friends, which Romi dubs the man free, mini break, is anything but that when she meets...

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    Romi from Year of the Chick is back, see my review of the first book Now, that Romi s sister is engaged her parents are a bit distracted So, in this book her parents weren t pushing guys at her as much, though they did still have that expectation, maybe Romi was just better at ignoring it and didn t need to focus on it with her readers In this one we hear about the success of the first book, but which is also really important, you could read the book on it s own and it can stand on it s own.Again, this book was set up in a way that you wanted to just keep reading and figure out how Romi is going to deal with each of the situations Personally, I think I enjoyed this novel than Year of the Chick since you got to see of Romi as a character You could see how she had grown and changed through the last book, between them, and could continue to grow She still got caught up in a guy in this plot, but there was to her than just the guy and her writing this time You knew her, I felt like this time She talked about what she enjoyed in her spare time, beyond writing, you got to know some of her friends and than just how she took her problems to them It felt deeper and about the character than the first one to me, even though I enjoyed the first one, I feel like I enjoyed this one Romi made some ...

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    Curse you Erik Curse you I say Ok, before it s too late to keep this spoiler free, I better take a deep breath and calm myselfOk, so I just finished this book and I m dying I can t believe I have to wait til next year or later for the next book I mean, I understand, Ms Moondi DOES have a life, but ahh the agony I m going to have to find something else to read to distract myself so I don t go nuts Just like with Year of the Chick, I could barely put this book down I was trapped in it, barely noticing the world around me I laughed, I nearly cried, I was seriously in the story following Romi around I don t know why, but I can totally relate to her We are a lot alike and even seem to have the same taste in men LOL Book 2 was a great continuation of the story We see what Romi s up to now back in Canada from seeing James in New York, we get t...

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    Romi Moondi s hilarious story telling is back with Last Minute Love, the sequel to her equally entertaining Year of the Chick.When we last saw Romi Narinda, she had just met the man she s been chatting up for a whirlwind day in New York City Though she thinks she may have found Mr Right, she still has to deal with those pesky parents who have big plans for her.Moondi has a strong and funny story telling voice, which makes the story a fast paced read Even when faced with bad moments, Romi the character s quirky personality will have you laughing again within a few moments.This time around, Romi spends less of her time looking for a man, like she did in Book One, and looking to complete other parts of her life like her lackluster career in corporate Hell and following her ambitions to become the person she wants.In the sequel, she continues to navigate the challenges ...

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    Romi Moondi is a hilarious chick lit writer that I feel fortunate that I have come to know Year of the Chick was an introduction to Romi Narindra, and the second in the series, Last Minute Love, picks right back up Romi is still talking occasionally to the guy she met online but who is geographically unavailable, her parents are still trying to arrange marry her, and Romi still feels a bit lost But finally abandoning the search for Mr Right and figuring out what truly makes Romi happy sets her on a path that finally gives Romi hope that maybe self happiness is just around the corner The second in the series is just as fast paced as the first, and a very enjoyable read I don t feel it s absolutely necessary to read the first in order to read this one, but I definitely recommend it, just because it s such a fun book I loved following Romi s journey and seeing her move on from being a bit man crazy to searching for self discovery I m fairly positive I m correct when I say there will be ...

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    I received the Year of the Chick free and loved it so much, I bought Last Minute Love the next day Romi reminds me of a Canadian Bridget Jones only she is wearing an Indian sari and lives with her parents Like a cultural diverse Bridget, Romi looks for love in all the wrong places and for the wrong reasons I loved Romi s peculiar behavior an...

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    This continues the thinly disguised I suspect trilogy about Romi s attempt to have a private life despite her Indian parents who just want to get her married off before she gets too old Meantime she is still corresponding with her Internet guy, but has met another unavailable guy, a Dane who is working in New York a friend of one of her girlfriends boyfriend but has ...

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    I like this book, but I couldn t give it a five star I like the writing style, and some of the humour in the book Her character is likeable, some of the book is funny My issue with this book is, her morals The book seems to romanticise the idea that, it is okay to have affairs with unavailable men I didn t mean like that, this is the second book this week written by an Asian author who...

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