The Open-Source Everything Manifesto

Robert David Steele Is An Author, Strategist, Analyst, Reformer, And Provocateur, And A Leader In The Global Movement To Connect Bottom Up Citizen Wisdom With Access To Information In All Languages Across The Globe A Recovering Spy, He Was Instrumental In Inspiring Ninety Governments To Adopt Open Source Intelligence OSINT That Can Be Shared In Lieu Of Secret Intelligence That Is Risky, Expensive, And Limited Steele Has Spent Two Decades Advancing The Ideas Of Pierre Tielhard De Chardin, H G Wells, And Buckminster Fuller, Among Others, And Spreading The Idea That Technology Is Not A Substitute For Thinking He Regards The Open Source Everything Manifesto As A Distillation Of His Life S Work, Which Is The Movement From Top Down Secret Command And Control To Fully Embracing The World Of Bottom Up, Consensual, Collective Decision Making As A Means To Solve The Major Crises Facing Our World Today Following The UN List Of Global Threats To Identify Intelligence Priorities, He Sees The Issues Of Poverty, Disease, Genocide, And Environmental Degradation As Given Perilously Little Attention In Contrast To Such High Profile Concerns As Terrorism.The Founding CEO Of Open Source Solutions Network, Steele Is The Intelligence Minuteman Who Has Defined The Eight Tribes Of Intelligence As Academia, Civil Society, Commerce, Government, Law Enforcement, Media, Military, And Non Governmental Organizations He Believes That Reform Across All These Tribes Is Essential For A True Revolution Of Integrity And Openness Part Philosophy, Part Self Help, Part Citizen Empowerment, And Part Professional Intervention, The Open Source Everything Manifesto Is Especially Timely For The 2012 Presidential Elections And The National Debate Now Emerging About Legalized Fraud Wall Street And Elective Wars And The Need To Restore Integrity In Both Public And Private Sectors As Richard Kerr, Former Deputy Director Of The CIA Said Robert Steele Storms Into The Core Of Intelligence Issues Without Fear The Scope Of His Work Is Impressive And Whether You Agree With Him Or Not, You Cannot Ignore What He Says.The Open-Source Everything Manifesto

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Open-Source Everything Manifesto book, this is one of the most wanted Robert David Steele author readers around the world.

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    This book is an essential read for anyone who wants to know how and why our leaders are so ineffectual, from an author with an insider perspective Robert David Steele, spent decades as a Marine officer, a CIA secret operative, and the second in command of Marine Intelligence, before realizing that he was wasting his life trying to convince government puppets and idiots that they were doing intelligence wrong Steele came to the conclusion that our governments, corporations and non governmental organizations are NOT the agents for the kind of major changes that the world needs changes imperative to survive as a species on a planet increasingly hostile to humans Steele argues that instead, the new revolution must come from the bottom, up, a peaceful grass roots change of mind about how we govern and organize ourselves Instead of focusing on secret intelligence, like governments, militaries, and corporations have been doing forever, he argues that we need Open Source Intelligence, on every aspect of life, from government to business, food production to technology, in order to tap into the most effective resource available to us the collective human brain all 7 billion of them Open Source is defined as information available through legal, ethical and public channels, not necessarily free, though some of it is He points out that secret intelligence has been employed by elites throughout history abs...

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    Let me start by saying that I like the intention behind Robert Steele s idea of open source everything I agree that greater transparency and participation is a great goal for pretty much everything, and I wish that the philosophy behind the open source software movement becomes well known and translated to other areas Also, from what I know Robert Steele is a respectable person with an excellent background.but seriously, this book reads li...

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    The author may have the credentials to make the case of Open Source but there is just not real evidence that helps his argument Do not misunderstand me I agree that government and the world should be open and transparent Open Sourcing everything in the world could bring about a dramatic change I just don t believe that the author has adequately framed his argument well enough to make anyone think...

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    I m not going to say that I believe everything in this book to be truth I don t even believe that all the ideas proposed in this book are even possible But there s a lot of very interesting information in here and this idea of Open Source Every...

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    The Open Source Everything Manifesto is am intriguing collection of arguments to consider when contemplating the role of government, commercial, and private information sharing as we move ever forward with technological and social development Steele provides technical, emotional, and logical reasons why the open source approach is the reasonable choice, and defends his claims with experience and a review of many other authors who have claimed similar things Although I enthusiastically support Steele s vision and ideals, I found it somewhat over zealous of him to claim the completeness of the answer he presents While open source is undoubtedly the way forward for many of the issues he describes, he steps beyond a balanced argument and almost assigns a religious zeal to his claims This makes me question whether his logic is not being influenced by his personal affinity for the open source ideal Again, Steele has presented an amazingly clear selection of arguments here, I just wish that...

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    A lot of superficial buzzwords, graphs and woo advocating techno utopianism in the Buckminster Fuller Alvin Toffler tradition but instead of any particular gadgets public data will supposedly get rid of fraud, waste and abuse The citations are most valuable here.

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    The premise of this book is that an educated public that has free access to information would help improve decision support, be it for governing policies or software development public intelligence in the public interest, building transparency, truth, and trust Some side notes includes how this helps bugs or corruption to be revealed, and how we can play our part using information that is available legally and openly to everyone to influence policies and revealing the true cost of things.While the core tenants were sensible and pretty valid, the author communicated them in a tone that seemed jaded and accusatory...

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    Carl Sagan once said that somewhere out there there was a truth waiting to be known It s fair to say that this or any other truth is unfamiliar with the name Robert David Steele From the apparently well read but perhaps also at the time distracted with getting a high score on Plants Versus Zombies Steele, who in 2017 gave us the story that NASA are keeping child sex spaces on Mars, comes this rather shallow summary of some books he s read masquerading as a thought out narrative Mentally ill stand up comedians like Robert David Steele usually bolster sales of otherwise unremarkable trash with borrowed street cred from their inexplicable years in government office or the secret service as some kind of backup to their daft populist ramblings I was unimpressed in 2014 when this book made the rounds and this lack of impression is only bolstered now that Steele is a fully committed or do we say admitted Alien NASA Child sex slave Mars colony conspiracy theor...

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    Daca n ati citit o , faceti o.Eu am cumparat o in format Kindle

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    Great ideas, but it could use supportive evidence for some of the claims, and some of the diagrams in the book are not explained sufficiently.

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