The Forsyte Saga

THE FORSYTE SAGA Is A Series Of Three Novels And Two Shorter Episodes Chronicling The Lives Of The Leading Members Of An Upper Middle Class British Family During The Early Twentieth Century The Forsytes Are Only A Few Generations Removed From Their Humble Farmer Origins, Making Several Of The Family Members Keenly Aware Of Their Status As New Money, Not Entirely Accepted Within The Upper Echelons Of British Society.The Forsyte Saga

John Sinjohn was an English novelist and playwright whose literary career spanned the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian eras.In addition to his prolific literary status, Galsworthy was also a renowned social activist He was an outspoken advocate for the women s suffrage movement, prison reform and animal rights Galsworthy was the president of PEN, an organization that sought to promote international cooperation through literature.John Galsworthy was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1932 for his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in

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    The Forsyte Saga The Forsyte Chronicles 1 3 , John GalsworthyThe Forsyte Saga, first published under that title in 1922, is a series of three novels and two interludes published between 1906 and 1921 by Nobel Prize winning English author John Galsworthy They chronicle the vicissitudes of the leading members of a large commercial upper middle class English family, similar to Galsworthy s own Only...

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    This is a titanic masterpiece of a multi generational story of a fictional English family that spans the Victorian, Edwardian, and post World War I eras For the first one hundred pages or so, I found myself having to frequently refer to the Forsyte family genealogical chart however, by the end of the book I knew all of the characters and their place in the family intimately Like all families, Galsworthy has created a world of very real and human characters in the Forsyte family a family bound as much by their name, and at times even their dysfunction Many of the novel s characters exhibit the full range of emotion and feeling, including love, greed, hatred, passion, jealousy, lust, truth, honesty, betrayal, and so forth it is all there within this family The Forsytes Once started, I could not put this book down easily it is that compelling I fully understand why John Galsworthy was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literatu...

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    He had long forgotten the small house in the purlieus of Mayfair, where he had spent the early days of his married life, or rather, he had long forgotten the early days, not the small house, a Forsyte never forgot a house he had afterwards sold it at a clear profit of four hundred pounds There you have it Nine hundred pages of delicious soap opera wrapped around sly commentary on the acquisitiveness and striving of the British upper middle classes around the turn of the twentieth century The Forsytes aren t landed aristocracy like Lord Grantham of Downton Abbey They re only a couple of generations removed from farmers But they ve been successful in trade, in publishing, at the bar, and they live in ongepotchket Victorian splendor, faithfully served by retainers and housemaids, in London and its environs Galsworthy was himself the product of a wealthy family and trained as a barrister before traveling abroad, meeting Joseph Conrad and envisioning a different life He fell in love with the wife of his cousin, an army major, and married her after a ten year affair and her eventual divorce He was among the first writers to deal with social class in his work and to challenge the s and ideals reinforced by the Victorian writers who preceded him Notably, but not surprisingly given his personal life, he defied the standard vi...

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    Galsworthy s classic is probably best approached in mid life, when the truth begins to dawn that an Age, like Keats joy, is only really sighted as it s waving good bye When youth is something we begin to refer to as an attribute we once possessed When loss begins to carry as much outraging weight as the pursuit of an aim, or a dream, or a station There is a quality of consciousness we enter into as we mature that is informed by resignation and grief, and it is this perspective to which Galsworthy s tale will resonate His issues are safety and fortification, ownership and identification, the remorseless march of Time and the amorphous nature of achievement That life is what one makes of it and can be nothing is not, I think, a view that can be fully appreciated by those who are new to the struggle with acceptance All this to say The Forsyte Saga will prove a passable book to one who has yet to encounter his first grey hair And to one who has stumbled across a few May prove to be a good deal .Composed as a trilogy connected by two short stories, the saga of the Forsyte family is a lengthy work taking place in Britain at the tail end of the Victorian Age Central as a tent post here is the character of Soames Forsyte, a man of property, ...

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    The Man of PropertyThe Man of Property is the first book in what would eventually turn out to be the nine volume Forsyte Saga, the work for which Galsworthy is chiefly remembered It was made into a TV series not so long ago, which is how I d heard of it, but I hadn t read it until I picked it up to read in an airport recently in order to pass the time thanks to interminable flight delays It really did quite nicely.The writing is very much of its time 1906 and for those who are not used to late Victorian or early Edwardian prose, I think it could prove a little tough going at times I grew up devouring books from that period, so as far as I was concerned, it was a very comfortable read Galsworthy does veer a little towards what would be considered sentimentalism nowadays, but he avoids the overt mawkishness which now makes quite a substantial amount of the literature of that period nigh on unreadable for me, at any rate.The double focus of the book on the Forsyte family, and on the marriage between Soames and Irene Forsyte is interesting, and I think helps to reinforce what Galsworthy was trying to get at the futility of acquiring money and material goods while neglecting the things which truly matter in life The Forsyte family is drawn well, though at times it felt as if he was using too many examples for the reader to follow easily The fact that there are ten Forsyte siblings, many of whom have children o...

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    I found The Forsyte Saga on the shelf of my local library a couple of years ago and it has been a decided favorite of mine ever since While saga is not the first word to come to mind when thinking about the British upper middle class in the later days of Victoria, it is apt The story is a multigenerational examination of family and tradition in a time of transition, and it examines the various institutions and ideas that were under the most pressure to change as the British Empire declined from its former glory As a microcosm of the English nouveau riche at the turn of the century, the Forsytes are affected by the great changes ushered in at that time shifting attitudes about marriage, new concepts in art and literature, the breakdown of strict class distinctions, the impact of the first World War, and new ideas concerning the importance of ownership and acquisition, to name a few.Starting at the end of my list, the Forsytes are nothing if not acquisitive there is a reason the first of the three volumes is ca...

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    Fin de si cle art of the first and finest magnitude I am floored I must gaze a while longer upon this blue diamond before I can try to give it justice by writing a thorough review So much comes out of this, including novel treatments of love, art, marriage and the English bourgeousie, as well as what was apparently then pub 1918, and set 1880 on a feminist viewpoint a woman is not subjugated to her husband upon marriage, he cannot ther...

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    The writing evident in this epic is masterful and engaging it is even and substantive and elegant The rich irony about the lengths that men strive to acquire property in all its forms and then find their acquisitions useless, meaningless and certainly not worth the price Galworthy was focused upon property in so many different varieties the sense of possession that men had of their wives in his time amid archaic laws about divorce the building of a home that ends in unexpected expense in chancery the elusive value of works of art the subtleties of property from family crests, clubs, colleges and occupational status and cuts of mutton to the blatant futility of fighting over land in South Africa during the Boer War it s all shallow and empty materialism in the end The property is never worth the cost of the trouble to acquire it Young people slave to gather possessions only to regret in old age that they have traded so much of life away to gain them and must undergo the painful rigors of its redistribution through wills a...

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