X-Men and the Mutant Metaphor

First Appearing In 1963, The Uncanny X Men Had A Rough Start, Lasting Until 1970 When The Comic Book Was Canceled Due To Low Sales Following A Relaunch In 1975, However, It Found New Popularity Thanks To Intricate Scripting By Chris Claremont And The Artwork Of John Byrne Within A Few Years, The Uncanny X Men Was One Of Marvel Comics Best Selling Series And Over The Decades It Became One Of The Most Successful And Popular Franchises In Comic Book History Spin Off Titles, Mini Series, Multimedia Adaptations, And A Massively Expanded Cast Of Characters Followed One Of The Reasons For The Success Of X Men Is Its Powerful Mutant Metaphor, Which Enhances The Stories With Cultural Significance And The Exploration Of Themes Such As Societal Prejudice And Discrimination In X Men And The Mutant Metaphor Race And Gender In The Comic Books, Joseph J Darowski Thoroughly Analyzes The Uncanny X Men, Providing Its Historical Background And Dividing The Long Running Series Into Distinct Eras Each Chapter Examines The Creators And General Plot Lines, Followed By A Closer Analysis Of The Principal Characters And Key Stories The Final Chapter Explores The Literal Use Of Race And Gender Rather Than The Metaphorical Or Thematic Ways Such Issues Have Been Addressed This Analysis Includes Insights Gained From Interviews With Several Comic Book Creators, And Dozens Of Illustrations From The Comic Book Series Of Particular Significance Are Statistics That Track The Race And Gender Of Every X Men Hero, Villain, And Supporting Character By Delving Into The Historical Background Of The Series And Closely Examining Characters And Stories, X Men And The Mutant Metaphor Illuminates An Important Popular Culture Phenomenon.X-Men and the Mutant Metaphor

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the X-Men and the Mutant Metaphor book, this is one of the most wanted Joseph J. Darowski author readers around the world.

[Epub] X-Men and the Mutant Metaphor  By Joseph J. Darowski – Phamimports.us
  • Hardcover
  • 203 pages
  • X-Men and the Mutant Metaphor
  • Joseph J. Darowski
  • 26 March 2019
  • 9781442232075

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    The idea that Marvel s mutants serve as a vehicle for a metaphor about outsiderhood, otherness, and or minority status is an old one Comics commentator Peter Sanderson wrote in his introduction to a collection of interviews with X Men creators published in 1981 They live apart from the rest of society in their mansion their contacts with the rest of society seem limited their powers serve as constant reminders that they are different From one point of view, the Beast and Nightcrawler can be said to suffer from deformities A number of the X Men are foreigners who now find themselves living in the United States, an alien land Note the explicit parallel drawn between mutants and persecuted minorities in X Men 150, wherein it is revealed that Magneto, as a child, was an inmate at Auschwitz, and that over the years, as far as he knows, his entire family has been destroyed All of these distinctions reinforce the impression created by the X Men s identity as mutants The word mutant can symbolize for the reader any reason for feeling alienated from society, whether it be sex, race, creed, physical appearance, special talents that are misunderstood or provoke jealousy, or any personal reason The power of the mutant concept makes The X Men unique.But this does not mean that the metaphor is simple, or that it is automatically progressive in itself This book, however, works from the...

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    Far too obviously a thesis, rather than a book, the text needs serious copyediting, and content editing It is frustratingly repetitious to read.A useful dip in overview for those without an encyclopedic memory of the X Men comics across the years The bibliography is full of relevant sources, but nothing earth shatteringly new is revealed.The insights are justified, and often well supported from the sour...

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    The book is a breakdown of the different eras in X Men comics and lists the characters and major story lines There isn t much analysis of the mutant metaphor as the title proposes I would have liked to see of a connection to real world events and the discrimination that minority groups faced

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