Endless Night

Some Are Born To Sweet Delight, Some Are Born To Endless Night When Penniless Michael Rogers Discovers The Beautiful House At Gypsy S Acre And Then Meets The Heiress Ellie, It Seems That All His Dreams Have Come True At Once But He Ignores An Old Woman S Warning Of An Ancient Curse, And Evil Begins To Stir In Paradise As Michael Soon Learns Gypsy S Acre Is The Place Where Fatal Accidents Happen.Endless Night

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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  • Endless Night
  • Agatha Christie
  • English
  • 18 October 2019
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    Endless Night, Agatha ChristieEvery night and every morn, Some to misery are born, Every morn and every night, Some are born to sweet delight Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night WILLIAM BLAKE 2001 1370 169 20 1380 278 9647100485 1384 1387 9789647100489 1393 1967 224 .

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    In my end is just my beginningAfter reading A LOT of Agatha Christie novels in the past, ENDLESS NIGHT I would have to say is one of her best, and very different from her others image error

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    I usually read Agatha Christie to unwind, and although they always guarantee a highly enjoyable hour filled with chuckles and gasps, there is an element of lightness and dismissal involved Well, that serves me right This book smacked the patronizing smirk right off my face and I m drooling on the floor, well and truly humbled Written lightly, as always, but for the first time, the weight of evil the kind of evil that wears perfume, goes sh...

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    Endless Night was one of Agatha Christie s own favourite novels, and one which received the most critical acclaim on its publication in 1967 It is her 58th detective novel The title is a reference to William Blake s Auguries of Innocence , Every night and every morn,Some to misery are born,Every morn and every night,Some are born to sweet delight.Some are born to sweet delight,Some are born to endless night One of the characters sings and plays this at pertinent points during the book, and it becomes evident that it refers to two of the characters Endless Night has been filmed, adapted as a play and also a graphic novel It featured in a TV series about Miss Marple in 2013 , although the character of Miss Marple does not appear in the novel The novels featuring Miss Marple have quite a different feel, so this is an odd inclusion.Unusually for Agatha Christie, Endless Night has a single viewpoint character, who has a heavy presence in the novel as its narrator Michael Rogers is a working class lad whose origins seem to be from a poor but proud family with a strong work ethic which he does not share He cheerfully admits that he cannot stick to anything He is unsettled and lazy, having had a variety of jobs He also appears to the reader to have a chip on his shoulder, and is quite a many layered character.Very early on in the story, we learn that he has fa...

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    I am always sad when I think of this book Dame Agatha was already in decline due to dementia when, in six short weeks, she flowered this novel It is the last true Christie novel in the sense that it demonstrates her strengths clearly than her diminishing powers would ever allow again That is why I give it four stars.The story is unremarkable, and in lesser hands would be a tedious oft told tale But stop a moment when you feel your eyes start to roll and hold this thought One of mystery fiction s greats like her work or not, she was indeed a great writer wrote this, her last lucid writing, before sliding down a slope ...

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    My thoughts on my re read loved my re read of this book I ve considered it my favorite Christie read for years now, but was long overdue for a re read Happy to report it s just as brilliant and chilling as I remember it.

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    This is a chilling stand alone novel by Agatha Christie Endless Night is quite different than Agatha Christie s Poirot or Marple series The story is narrated by the main character, Micheal Rogers, a young man with grandeur ideas but with no obvious means of attaining it He is fascinated with Gipsy s Acre a plot of land in rural England that is said to be cursed by the Gypsies who once lived there and who were driven away.While walking around the property that has come up for sale, he meets an attractive young American woman, Ellie A whirlwind of romance results in him marrying the very lovely and the rich heiress to a fabulous fortune They hired an architect to build their dream house at Gipsy s Acre But the land is cursed and soon a chain of tragedies struck the newlyweds like a very black cloud I quite enjoyed the inner monologue and the first person narration and about halfway through I was held in the grip of the most uneasy sense of creepiness that started colouring the story There were points in the book where I actually looked over my shoulder The suspense, character development and smattering of clues that only made sense as such at the end all make for a superb, edge of your seat portrayal of the inner workings of a mind gone horribly wrong.If you enjoy character development over plot happenings, glimpsing into a personality driven by darkness and a book that will have you thinking about it days after you ve finished, then thi...

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    This novel is quite different from any other work of Agatha Christie The beginning is slow and the reader has to make too much effort to stay glued It becomes increasingly difficult till first half of the novel to make sense of what is happening Then Christie s brill...

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    3.5 5 stars view spoiler I did really enjoy this book, but I felt like Christie was just recycling plot twists from her former books The love triangle situation reminded me of the one in Death on the Nile and the whole unreliable narrator thing was so similar to The M...

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