Quinn & The Vanishing Bride (Liam Quinn Mysteries #4)

Quinn S History Is Catching Up To Him And Someone S Trying A Big Frame Up But Philly S Favorite Insurance Investigator Is Tied Up Right Now, Helping A Guy Who May Or May Not Be Deranged To Find A Wife Who May Or May Not Exist The Family S Its Usual Stubborn Mess, Dad Wants The Beast Back And Nora Well, At Least Something S Going Quinn S Way.Quinn & The Vanishing Bride (Liam Quinn Mysteries #4)

m a writer in Canada who dreams up ways to kill people, usually in Philadelphia I m mildly autistic, which makes promotion interesting and incredibly difficult so if you want a book to read and review, hit me up with a message and say hi.I was a newspaper writer and editor for 23 years in Canada before turning to fiction I m married to Lori McLeod, and we live in Edmonton, Canada with our six adopted pets Cheers,LH

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 210 pages
  • Quinn & The Vanishing Bride (Liam Quinn Mysteries #4)
  • L.H. Thomson
  • English
  • 15 July 2019

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    The fourth installment of the Liam Quinn series from author L.H Thomson, Quinn And The Vanishing Bride , was a clearly a let down from the first three books It was missing that Philly snap and edge the others in series projected so clearly Although Quinn has now been in a long term relationship with Nora Garcia de Soria, she s left on sidelines without much face time in the book Quinn s delightful family gets somewhat short changed as well It seems George Willis, who is certifiably CRAZY needs Quinn s help Without his meds he a real lunatic George has escaped the private mental hospital to look for his missing bride Maria George runs to Quinn s oldest brother Andy who is a Catholic priest Andy has to bend Liam s arm to help out George The only clue to go on is a perfect likeness tattoo of Maria s face on the inside of one of his wrists Maria has Tattoo of George on her wrist Dr Foster has George put away as a delusional schizophrenic Dr Foster s qualifications in the mental health field are very suspect But hey, he s running a private hospital Meanwhile Quinn has a job to do for Philadelphia Mutual Insurance Co PMI Quinn has to check out a gallery of paintings PMI is writing insurance on before a big auction show is held Low and behold one of the Japanses paintings being readied for the show is a fake A fake Quinn painted himself several years before his prison stretch Naturally he can t say anything The FBI would love to dump him back into the can for forging again Quinn i...

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    Another great read by LH Thomson I love the character development of the Liam Quinn series I highly recommend this book as well as the first three Each story is unique and not predictable I am excited to start book number 5

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    Needing a break from all the books I promised to review, I wanted something different to get lost in and the Liam Quinn Mystery Series was the ticket This author is good enough to be one of the big boys He is talented and can write multiple storylines that merge well the new storyline additions in each book The timeframe is continuous, usually picking up where the last book ends The characters are actually people you know, OK, maybe not all the mobsters, but the regular cast They are realistic, no Hollywood garbage, and they get hurt without a fairy or angel to save them There is humor, not just smartalec Quinn, but good humor, too I recommend getting a bunch of these books and just chainreading them they re hard to stop as I discovered when I ran out of the books in my library So if you like Wambaugh, Remington Steele, Moonlighting or Breaking Bad or Weeds, you will love Quinn, too.Quinn The Vanishing Bride 4 This book picks up about six months after West ends Quinn keeps kickin Entertaining and intriguing storylines that keep the reader involved with Qu...

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    Liam Quinn tries to right people s wrongsAnother exciting adventure in the life of Liam Quinn,former art forgerer and ex con,now working for an insurance company His family has a father who is a retired cop,a brother who is a cop and another brother who is a pastor,add in a mother who wants grandchildre...

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    Quinn just keeps getting better Each book gets me a little hooked It was a stretch at first, but the further I read, the believable it gets that the son of an Irish cop in Philly would be able to turn his life around after a stint for forgery The ...

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    Quinn is the real deal.Quinn is as enthralling as any of the better known characters in contemporary fiction I have enjoyed five books in this series and look forward to reading about Quinn and his adventures.

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    Good readReally like the writing style of this author This book took me into the world of Japanese art works.The characters are exciting.

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    A fun readEnjoyable and easy read Great characters that allow you to form relationships with them all I look forward to the next one.

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    It was terrific I reviewed it when I finished it Quinn is a great hero while remaining a fallible human He has lives than a cat, but you have to root for him.

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    The vanishing brideQuinn really grows on you He and his large family and group of friends make for a really by team

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