Devil's Bride

When Devil Cynster, The Duke Of St Ives, Is Caught In A Compromising Position With Governess Honoria Wetherby, London S Most Scandalous Rake Shocks All Of The Ton By Offering To Marry Her And While His Infamous Cynster Cousins Begin To Place Wagers On The Wedding Date, Honoria Surprises Everyone By Refusing To Bend To Society S Demands She Craves Adventure, And While Solving The Murder Of A Young Cynster Fits The Bill For A While, She Longs To See The World But The Heat Of Devil S Passion For Her Soon Has Her Craving A Very Different Sort Of ExcitementDevil's Bride

Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D in Biochemistry in Australia, Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.Once in London, Stephanie

[Epub] ❥ Devil's Bride ➝ Stephanie Laurens –
  • Paperback
  • 640 pages
  • Devil's Bride
  • Stephanie Laurens
  • English
  • 14 March 2019
  • 9780060896362

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    Framing her jaw, Devil lifted her face, looked down on pale cheeks, at eyes awash with tears, then he bent his head and kissed her set lips You ll never lose me, he whispered I ll never leave you One of my favorite historicals This is the introduction to the Cynster family and what a family it is I was actually re reading this one, so it was kind of funny to see all those men and women who ll get their own books Most of the time, I was like Oh look, that s Vane, I love his book OMG Scandal He s so awesome Amanda and Amelia love them And then Demon My favorite So by the time I finished this book, I knew I simply HAD to re read all of them The story Rushing home to avoid a thunderstorm, Honoria stumbles upon a dying young man While trying to help him, she hears a rider approaching A mysterious absolutely gorgeous man helps her take care of the wounded fellow, carrying him to the nearest woodsman cottage They soon discover the young man was shot, and that he s a cousin to her mysterious absolutely gorgeous guy They spend the night in the cottage Trapped in her nightmare, she shuddered She gulped down a sob, only to have another rise in its place.Watching her, Devil felt ...

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    This is sort of how the plot of this book went Random person dies You are going to marry me There is no way I am going to marry you, so get away from me I am going to MAKE you marry me Hotness inserted here Er, wtf Back off Ooh, I smell a challenge begin seduction tactics Insert make out scenes Are you going to marry me Nuh uh, I am going to go to Egypt What about now making out, etc Oh wow, maybe I will just have sex with this guy and then leave I shall never admit I have feelings for her making out and fooling around I will not have sex with you until you promise to marry me Psh Lies making out Get away from me, Woman Maybe I do want to marry him What if she won t marry me Goes to tell him and ends up making out with him I don t believe you want to marry me, because you just want to have sex with me No, I really want to marry you Stop lying to me Repeat previous steps as needed FINALLY they get married and after that there is about an equal amount of shmexy sex scenes, one or the other driving each other crazy by running off and almost getting hurt, actual falling in love only on of them will ever admit it and that little bit of heavily foreshadowed murder mystery that I guessed since like the first chapter reall...

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    i love devil with an intensity that terrifies my husband i can t help it.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the first quarter of this book I was thinking yes I m gonna love this but it, disappointingly, fell apart for me afterwards.In the beginning, we meet the sensible, governess heroine She comes upon a mortally wounded young man on a dark woods road Later, our hero arrives, and they work together to try to help the young man After POV switches to our hero, we are immediately treated to his insight that he has just met his future wife I LOVED THAT No pussy footing around This man found what he had been looking for And then he immediately sets about informing her and everyone else of that fact Very intriguing and hot But that didn t last long I eventually had enough of this alpha hero s dictates and high handedness I came to the conclusion that the heroine needed to deny his just no one should be that sure themselves Of course, he was a great catch, and the heroine did not cut off her nose to spite her face, she eventually realized marrying him would be a good thing That s where the sizzle, and romantic tension ended Not even halfway through the book.And then..sigh..the BIG MURDER MYSTERY It was no mystery at all I knew who done it within the first few pages I was then left with the excurciating task of reading about the h h trying to figure out whodunnit through the whole book ARGH I hate these suspense storylines messin...

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    Reading Devil s Bride was a very confusing experience I usually have good instincts when it comes to stories I can normally sense, even early on, whether I ll end up liking or disliking it But this book just totally floored me I was so, so sure that I ll end up giving this a 4 or 5 star rating, but I was wrong Issues with the book just kept on piling up the I read it, and at the end, they were far too much to ignore The said issues are as follows First, the writing style was unbalanced and messy The first few chapters were written in a way that was very similar to the traditional regency style, but this actually changed as the story progressed, becoming modern in tone and feel halfway through it.Another thing about the writing that annoyed me was the abrupt changes in the time setting From chapters 1 to 17, the story was divided on a continual basis Chapter 18, however, didn t follow the same pattern it fast forwarded to Honoria and Devil s wedding To make matters confusing, chapter 19, again, fast forwarded to several years later , before going back to the current timeframe, a few days after the wedding.Second, the sex scenes were excessive and repetitive Don t get me wrong, I m not at all squeamish about love scenes In fact, I think I have a higher tolerance for extremely detailed an...

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    English woodsman s cottage This is a review of the audiobook When someone wanted to do a buddy read which you know I can t resist of this one, I decided I d listen this time, even though I m not a big fan of Simon Prebble s I just couldn t get into an older man reading the love scenes to me However, now that I m older, he isn t so bad LOL Nevertheless, Mr Prebble does an admirable job of this one The old biddies of the ton are hilarious and the duke is sufficiently arrogant I definitely got caught up in his telling me the story again Why do I love this book so much I read it at least once a year sigh I think it is because I m definitely one of those readers You know the kind that the marketing people just adore who loves a duke in the story I also love books with bride in the title Combine these two, and my book budget is shot to hell.This is the first book in Ms Laurens Cynster series and it is one of the best, IMHO The 6th Duke of St Ives, Sylvester Devil Cynster is the leader of this notorious pack of handsome, aristocratic rakes He certainly is the one with the most sense of entitlement and he feels entitled to Miss Honoria Prudence ...

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    What This book is apparently a favorite of many romance readers, but I didn t get the appeal Sentence structure was definitely sophisticated than most, but character development was not believable even by romance novel standards Disappointingly, it is not titled Devil s Bride because it is about the bride of Satan, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, lord of hell and all evil, but the bride of some jerk with Devil as an improbable nickname The mystery was ridiculously obvious ...

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    I wish I could rate this higher Unfortunately, my tolerance for characters who refuse to communicate, are constantly making incorrect assumptions, and being standoffish for no real reasonis abysmally low I liked Devil I liked that he was quiet and decisive and in charge, and that he knew almost from the moment he met Honoria that he was going to marry her That was extremely refreshing No shilly shallying from this hero Regrettably, since the hero is so amenable to the match, the author then had to make the conflict come from elsewhere Even regrettably, she placed the burden for almost all conflict squarely on the shoulders of the heroine, Honoria This book would have been one of my favorites if it weren t for the constant back and forth and push and pull Some authors are able to make that happen, to stretch the readers need for suspense in a satisfying way Laurens just makes it a chore to slog through And her sex scenes Nothing but poetic rhapsodizing via purple prose Page upon page of metaphors and feels I got to the point where I started rolling my eyes and skimming passages every time Devil and Honoria started pawing at each other Er, sorry, I mean every time they began testing the limitless bonds of their love through the jungle like sensory practice of soft hands sliding on soft skin to create a miasmic feeling of need and hea...

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    I love the alpha gamma hero who s all Mr I m in Charge with his swagger and hotness, his nothing stands in my wayness, basically his total babe ness BUT he has to have some depth to him unlike the hero of this novel, Sylvester Devil Cynster The guy is as flat as brown cardboard and never really develops into anything else This story just didn t work for me because I didn t like the jerk alpha who needed a good shaking for a wakeup call.The story grabs your attention relatively well from the start with the heroine Honoria what a horrible name, the drab governess, and Devil crossing paths where a crime has been committed They stay together in the same house unchaperoned and of course that could get the ton s tongues wagging so he decides he s going to marry her she decides otherwise His pursuit of her is of a I m going to wear you down kind of thing and she does the cat and mouse thing on her end She waivers too much can t say much without giving spoilers here So it sounds good and it could ve been what with the hot sex despite the fact that the first real scene was sooooo loooonng it became tedious , tension building an...

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    gasp Where s my I love you I never realized how important this was until I finished this book and realized our hero never says it to his heroine I even went back and skimmed through the book again, sure I had missed it Grrrr Besides that, this was a really good book I enjoyed it, immensely Devil was adorable, with his puffed up sense of importance, and Honoria was exactly the type of no nonsense woman he needed to keep him in line These two have quite a love affair and the fact that it had plenty of sexy love scenes was just icing on the cake The book starts out with a bang, with the murder of Devil s cousin which Honoria happened to come across right at the end This forces our hero and heroine to spend the night together and of course the following morning everyone thinks they have been caught in flagrante delicto Devil then proceeds to inform everyone that he will be marrying Miss Honoria as soon as his period of mourning for his cousin is over Honoria is quite adamant that they will not be marrying but with the sort of suave manipulations that Devil has been using all his life, he s...

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